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What's The Role Of Floor Mats

In the laying of the floor, there will be a special floor mat used in the floors and the ground between the interlayer, which in the laying of the main moisture-proof and balance of the role. The building materials market we see the ground mat have moistureproof effect, can achieve the basic needs of home installation floor.

The development of the market demand to promote the mat is not only so, many brands of ground mat merchants played a "function" Mat banner. such as aluminum film mats, special plastic mats, paper mats, etc., users can choose to use as needed.

A wide range of mats, from the general pad to functional aluminum film mats, plastic film mats, special plastic mats, moisture-proof paper mats and so on. How to choose from its characteristics? Like a plastic film pad is mainly to look at its toughness, good ground mat its toughness also very good, while the aluminum film pad should pay attention to the surface of the aluminum film and plastic film bonding is tight, good aluminum film mat it's that layer of aluminum film is not easy to fall off.