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Waist Depend On The Purchase

1. The market on the waist pad core is usually divided into several major categories: down, sponge, cotton, cloud pp cotton, latex and other materials, material, the use of different. It is recommended that the owner choose a flexible and comfortable product when buying.

2. The waist depends on the shape of course also vary from person to person, feel flexible to put the chair on the best fit. A suitable shape, soft hardness, thickness, elasticity are suitable, in coordination with the Chair, position placed correctly, you can relieve most of the waist pressure.

3. The pursuit of more comfortable can choose to have a massage effect of the cushion, the advantages of the cushion like a massager, depending on the above vibrator will have massage effect, slowing the waist muscle sour feeling.

4. The lumbar structure is not equipped with the ideal support, supporting the lumbar function. We know that the spine is a s-shaped, in the waist is the shape of the anterior curve, not only need to have the supporting module of the lumbar structure, but also the supporting force, insufficient support capacity is not solve the problem, the elasticity of the waist is suitable for weight, because the role of the force is mutual, pressure and rebound force in proportion, the pressure is resolved, Fatigue can be alleviated. Otherwise, relieving fatigue becomes a beautiful lie.

5. Choose good credit business, product quality and after-sale more guarantee.

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