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The Role Of The Waist

The waist is the master of a body, like the big axis of the power machine. The waist one sickness, then all diseases are numerous, the waist sickness one heavy, then he sickness also heavy. If the waist can not effectively relax, everlasting, there may be many unexpected problems.

When a person is sitting in a seat, the pressure on a disc is three times times heavier than that of the torso. In the course of driving, the pressure on the disc will accumulate if you stay seated for a long time. At the beginning, will cause the waist blood is not circulating, the lactic acid gradually increases, appears the waist acid bilges and so on feeling, if does not add the treatment and the protection, will gradually oppress the spine, causes the lumbar muscle strain and the lumbar vertebra disease production. So in the driving process, you can choose the car waist-like products to protect the waist.

Car waist by the perfect fit waist, to give the human body a good support, effectively alleviate the long driving waist tired and tired, cushion on the human body has no pressure point, the lumbar pain has a good role in relieving. Can bring people a relaxed, comfortable driving atmosphere. The appearance of the lovely car waist, but also can play the role of decoration.