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Introduction To The Use Of EVA Mats

1, thin film, thin and high density EVA products: with sealing, adhesion, flexibility linked adhesive, strong toughness, tightening, suitable for elastic packaging film, heat shrinkable film, agricultural film, food packaging film, laminated film, can be used to do polyolefin laminated film layer.

2, general supplies: rubber foot pads have flexibility, resistance to environmental stress cracking, foam double-sided pad resistance to climate good advantages, suitable for industrial materials have power cord insulated purses, household appliances accessories, window sealing materials.

3, the daily necessities of transparent silica gel cushion has sporting goods, toys, cushion, belt, sealed container cover, EVA rubber football.

4, auto parts have to avoid high-temperature textured plastic paper shock, fender, protective film, interior and exterior decoration accessories.

5, Foaming Products: pressurized foam slippers, sandals, building materials and so on. Injection foam has a variety of industrial components, female soles, hot melt adhesives and so on.