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Eva Mats Do No Harm To The Human Body

1. Eva Foot pad is a kind of poly-huang Plastic foam, also known as foam, it does not contain any harmful to the human body, toxic substances.

2, Eva cushion it flexible, light weight, good density, flexible as a buffer to protect products to better absorb and disperse external impact force, can also be affixed to the surface of the product to prevent the role of vibration and friction. At the same time, Eva has a series of excellent use characteristics such as heat preservation, moisture proof and corrosion resistance.

3, Eva foot pad thickness is usually 0.5-60mm hardness of 25-80 degrees. Colorful colors, generally black white, can also be made according to customer requirements of any color.

4, Eva foot pad in the production process, adjust the production process, you can also do fire Eva, Anti-Static Eva, High-frequency Eva, odorless environmental Eva and so on.

5, Eva foot mat is widely used in it, electronic and electrical appliances, hardware electromechanical, glass products, precision instruments and other products packaging.