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Eva Mat Is Mainly Applicable To Where

Eva Foot mat products are new environmental protection plastic foam information, with outstanding cushioning, earthquake resistance, heat insulation, moisture-proof, chemical corrosion resistance and other advantages, and non-toxic, do not absorb water.

Eva Foot Mat products by planning machinable forming, its shockproof function is better than polystyrene (foam) and other traditional foam information, and meet environmental protection needs, is the best choice for export goods. Compared with the shockproof packaging can be cut, forming, due to the difference in density, there can be a wider use.

Eva Mat: Industrial use is also called Eva Rubber mat, EVA Foam and double-sided rubber is composed of two parts, EVA Foam for the substrate, one side may be double-sided adhesive-made oil glue perhaps 3M, Nitto Day East, Tesa Decha, sony Sony, DIC large Japan, Hib Hitachi, such as imported double-sided tape, And then with high-precision die-cutting machine may punch punching die.

Eva Foot pad is the primary application of electronics, electrical appliances, High-tech goods, home club, toys, metal plastic, print panels and other occupations of the earthquake, cushioning, Non-slip preferred. Widely used to prevent electrical and electronic furniture, ceramic glass wood metal, such as the bottom of the goods are rubbed scraping scratches, can also drop the noise of moving objects, compensation appliances, furniture feet uneven, together can play Non-slip, shockproof, buffer and many other results.