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What is latex pillow

In the home decoration, the choice of bedding is a link that many people attach great importance to. During the day, people spend almost one-third of their time in sleep, so helping sleep is a standard for many consumers to buy and choose bedding. And propaganda has "awake brain, protect the brain" role of latex pillow, gradually become a new favorite of many consumers. So what is latex pillow? It is understood that latex is a natural material, from rubber tree sap, every day can only produce 30cc rubber latex juice, so the latex is very precious. A latex product takes at least a day to a day and a half to complete production, and is a very time-consuming and valuable product. Latex pillow is made by the sap of rubber tree, 100% pure natural latex pillow, is its juice through the whole physical process of processing. The main process simply said can be divided into "collection of mold baking water." Pure natural latex pillow, because it uses the sap of rubber tree, naturally has the effect of anti-mite bacteriostatic. At the same time, the smell of latex pillows makes many mosquitoes do not want to close.

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