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The maintenance method of Latex Pillow

Can be used to clean water: latex pillow is the most convenient is washable, natural latex pillow easy to do manual cleaning (generally do not need, simply tap on it), as long as the dehydration with the fan dry, or oven low-temperature drying, never deformation, easy maintenance, folding, good collection, is the pursuit of healthy sleep the most comfortable choice. Cleaning, must hand wash, not put into the washing machine or other machine equipment washing, because will be rotten. Hand wash, as far as possible in the extrusion mode.

As a result of cleaning, will absorb a lot of water, weight doubled, as far as possible in the water to move. When the water is removed, do not crawl a small corner of the pull on the move, because the overweight pillow will break, cleaning treatment, must be like tofu, hold the center of gravity (central part) and most of the volume, carefully remove the water.

After washing, to dry towels or other absorbent materials, with both hands pressed dry, try to avoid strong direct sunlight exposure. If you want to speed up drying time, after hanging, it is recommended that every 2-3 hours, to squeeze the bottom of the hand, the excess moisture can be discharged, and the fan.