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The characteristic advantage of latex pillow

1. The use of pure natural latex processing, no harm to the human body and side effects, due to its natural characteristics of a material, there is a good antibacterial, anti-mite efficacy, to provide a more healthy and clean sleep environment.

2. According to ergonomic design, effectively improve the quality and effectiveness of sleep.

3. Have good hygroscopicity and breathability, especially suitable for snoring people, can effectively reduce snoring.

4. Has the very good elasticity, may very good cushion human's pressure, has the very strong affinity.

5. High-tech scientific formula, one molding, durable, never deformed.

6. Can effectively improve the cervical spine, lumbar spine and lower blood pressure.

7. Latex pillow can effectively reduce the body and fiber between the static electricity generated.

8. Honeycomb structure can efficiently and rapidly distribute the heat generated by the human body.

9. Environmental protection, non-polluting non-toxic, anti-mite antibacterial, anti-allergy.