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The applicable crowd of massage pillow

In the choice of massage to note the following aspects: first, the appearance. Good electronic massager should be bright, neat, no foaming phenomenon, the second is noise. Generally, the lower the noise, the better the quality. The third is to see the effect of massage. Open the strong and weak switch, open the "strong" switch and put in the massage site, will feel the obvious vibration, open the weak switch, there will be a slight vibration.

Office white-collar neck pain, the elderly waist pain, now with the increasing pressure of life, more and more people's pace of life accelerated, the body also appeared in a variety of situations.

Older people over 60 years of age are best not to use manual massage pillow, because too heavy, the elderly will not be able to withstand, so advised the elderly in the purchase of massage, it is best to buy electronic massage pillow, so even if lying can also relax massage. Massage Pillow There is a car for people to use, a long time to drive the body can not stand, there is a massage pillow in the side of the car will become a pleasure.