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Massage Pillow Precautions

1. The power plug must be unplugged before use or cleaning.

2, the machine shall not be used in humid environment and bathroom, please keep in dry and no strong light direct.

3. Do not use in sleep, to prevent the long-term stimulation of a part of the health impact.

4. Do not use massage machine for half an hour after meal, otherwise it is easy to have bad consequence because of different body constitution.

5, use the process of excessive stimulation and cause discomfort should immediately stop using.

6. When the child or the body is not free to use this product, must have the appropriate guidance of the next guidance.

7, during pregnancy, spinal bone injury, acute disease, heart disease and other physical abnormalities, should be used under the guidance of doctors.

8, after massage, please drink 500cc boiled water or hot tea, in order to promote the excretion of metabolites in vivo.